Ready To Leave

July 13, 2010
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I’m ready to leave this town.
The people don’t know me well,
No one knows how to get me started on the path to fame.
I want to be recognized as so much more than I am here.
I’m ready to leave, to get going and head for the bright lights of Broadway,
But nobody seems to think I am.
I would miss my friends,
But we could keep in touch,
And I could still be a normal kid,
Just a kid doing what I love.
Maybe it’s just them.
Maybe they just don’t believe in me.
I’ll do anything to show them they’re wrong.
I’ve always been a good girl.
I’ve been there when they needed me,
I’ve done my chores,
I’ve gotten the grades,
I’m gonna end up there someday anyway.
We might as well go now,
But whether we do or we don’t,
Remember this:
I’m coming Broadway,
And I’ll be there eventually,
So be prepared,
Because I’m ready to leave,
Whether they want me to or not.

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