July 13, 2010
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I’ve been feeling a little blue,
The color entering my mind too
As I hold my breath and only have a moment or two,
Before I crash against the bricks I’m bout to run into,
And as I fly over the dash I realize that I break through I hit nothing but glass,
When I got up all I remember is that time passed by so fast,
I was in the wrath of the reflection which came off the glass,
Becoming nothing but a reflection of my setting,
I was trapped, I could clearly see everybody around me
But nobody around me could see me
Only the reflection that encased me
As hard as I tried to fight to get out, write to get out, I just ended up sitting in despite, without,
Any form of escape, trying to find something to set me free,
Something to make me want to come out of this and just let me be me,
But as time passed it became accustomed to hiding behind the glass,
Cause I know that from here I’m safe from getting my a**, handed to me,
But it’s beginning to get to the point where I forget what’s behind this mask, and I’ve come to see,
My soul had been broken and bending to get out from the glass, now getting freed,
Slowly escaping the cracks of the glass,
And spilling out so fast,
My mind is the only thing holding my soul back but I can feel it about to slip past
The last crack and it won’t be coming back
While my mind and body stay stuck in this trap,
I wish I could only find something to free me from this path.

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