Hit The Trigger

July 13, 2010
You Thought You Knew Me
You See A Girl, Blonds
Funny, Chatty, Having A Laugh
A Bit Of A TomBoy You Thought?
But You Didn't Realize That
The Smile Fades
The Laughter Ceases
The Glow Fades
You Had Your Laughs
You Had Your Flirts
You Had My Trust
You Had My Love
But, Did You Care?
You Turned Your Back
You Walked Away
You Left Me, Alone.
Your Life Was Bad And You Let Free A Waterfall
Every Drop Filled WIth Sorrow And Pain
And You Let It Flood Me, Took My Sympathy
But Apparently My Love Wasn't Enough
You Turned Away From Life
You Turned Away From Me
You Let My Eternal Love Blow Away
When Your Finger Hit The Trigger

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