Nightmares of an Addict

July 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Sitting here in the smoking section
Minds’ bad
Nerves weak
Stumbling over my words as I speak
Trying to rescue my thoughts, but my mind is fired
Because of the drugs…my brain died

Now, sitting in the street
clothes torn, with no shoes to protect my bare feet
Lifeless body about to OD
My body’s shutting down, eyes closing slowly until I can’t see

Feeling my precious, but tarnished soul pulling out my badly beaten up body; with cuts on my arms and legs
Praying to God, save my soul
That’s all I beg

Not realizing the last 15 minutes of my life was chasing happiness getting high
Now it’s my time…I have to go….without even saying my last good byes.

The author's comments:
After reading "Poison Ivy", and understanding the struggle of the main character's addiction to drugs; I wrote this poem. She would use the drugs in hopes of escaping her problems. I was inspired to write this because you may use drugs to soar over your problems, but, eventually, you'll have to come down to face them.

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