July 13, 2010
By Anonymous

This is me
Being dragged by my feet
Down a hallway, so long, I cant see
The end of it, its dark
And you lovingly grip my ankles
As I dig my nails into the floor,
I wanna go back, you’re
Pulling me the wrong way,
Can you not hear me
I want to go back,
But no no no its far too late for that,
You’re already on THIS path,
No need to go back
Take me back
Take me back
Your hands like ice, they dig into my bones
I can feel you in my soul
And I don’t want it
I don’t want it anymore
The pressure it puts on my chest
My eyes won’t quit rolling
Back into my head
I can’t breathe anymore,
Can’t handle it
But it’s to late, you keep dragging
I’m being pulled at full speed
In the opposite direction
I want to be back
Back where I started
Before I ever let you into my life
Before I ever found a reason
To go the way I did
Its my own fault I followed you,
And now that I want to turn back
You’ve got a hold on me,
A grip so tight I’ll never break free
I am a sheep, I will submit
There’s no use fighting it.
Drag me away.
I’ll never see
The light of day again.

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