Love and Beans

July 13, 2010
Sitting down, with nothing to do,
I sip my warm coffee, and take notice of the scene.
The taste is perfect, as it usually is.
I yawn with boredom lingering within my bloodstream.
As I was coming out of my self-created breathing technique,
I noticed someone walking towards my table.
She was a beautiful woman, who looked familiar.
Sitting down next to me, she too had coffee.
Hers was darker than mine, steamier, and wasn’t in a cup, but a “mug”.
I thought about her for a while, until I had the chance to speak with her.
She had the voice of an angel, and eyes that shone brighter than the sun.
It was true love, at least from my point of view, my angle.
She was everything I had ever wanted.
She gave me life.

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