July 12, 2010
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Standing in the sleeting rain
Icy tendrils catching the curl in her hair
Her rare smile playing across her lips
A frozen moment in time
The sky draping overhead and I thought
I saw more sparkle in her eyes than in all
The stars above us
The wounds sliced into her arm
Several in a row like
The arcs of bloody waves on a pale, freckled beach
I don’t know why
She broke beneath the surface
I would do anything to calm the waters but
They thrash madly and
Lightning screams
Striking the shore
She refuses to cease
Afraid of her reflection
She cracks the mirror to pieces
Destroying herself and so, her fear
I would search
The whole universe to find each
Tiny, glittering fragment
And put them back together so
She can see how beautiful she is.

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