July 12, 2010
By MissCrazyMe SILVER, Columbia, Tennessee
MissCrazyMe SILVER, Columbia, Tennessee
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"It is not the challenges we face that define us...but the choices we make along the way."

Tears in my eyes trail towards the Earth.
Sweet, pungent Earth, soaked with the sorrowful combination of teardrops and rain.
Oh the rain.
Cooling my flushed cheeks with it's ardent flow.
Almost making me forget the downcast lashes and painful flashes of the body, there on the Earth.
The sweet, pungent Earth.
Sticks to my feet as I stand.
Then with my fall, to my hand.
I lay there.
Overwhelmed by it all.
The pain that beat down on me...
Like the rain that couldn't set me free.
Captured by the storm and the weight of my responibilities.
Raptured by the freckled palm that pulled me to my feet.
And helped me on. The rain...pouring it's crystal clarity into my pores....
The hand around my waist... steadying me to walk.
And the Earth...covering me.
The sweet, pungent Earth...

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