Replaced by Ice and Air

July 12, 2010
By MaCall Manor PLATINUM, Laguna Hills, California
MaCall Manor PLATINUM, Laguna Hills, California
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As I trudge out onto plains of snow once again
I see to my wonder
A lighting bolt striking in the dead of night
With a sound like rippling thunder
Like an army of giant soldiers
A forest of evergreen trees
Exhale pine
I spread my wings
For in a week these trees will all be mine
Tonight I lie in bed
Listening to the wailing of the red tailed hawk
And the mourning whoooo whoooo of the snowy owl
In the morning, my sister and I play cards
She wins with aces
We clutch mugs of warm hot chocolate with stiff fingers
The steam rises and melt our masks of ice
And as I ski down the mountain,
My fingers are bones and veins
Replaced by ice and air

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