Can I Borrow Your Text Book?

July 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Tell me your ancient
Histories, your old stories,
The secrets woven in-between
Your years, and months, and weeks,
And days, and hours, and minutes,
And seconds in life.
The little things you’ve hidden
Away, wrapped up, and locked away,
Hidden from us all in a far, distant,
Crook of your mind.
Tell me of your triumphs,
Your miserable failures,
Your saddest days,
And your happiest ones.
Tell me who you’ve fought
Tell me who you loved.
Tell me especially who you loved.
Tell me what you’ve written at the back
Of your history,
The secret you left out of your
Life’s personal text-book.
They say you can learn from the past,
So tell me everything from yours.
Then maybe I’ll share my own,
I’ll tell you about who I’ve loved,
Especially who I’ve loved,
And maybe,
Learning about your history,
Learning about mine,
We can discover how to love one another.

The author's comments:
Please Comment :) I really really want feedback

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