Love Letter

July 12, 2010
By tallywz BRONZE, San Juan, Other
tallywz BRONZE, San Juan, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
-William Ernest Henley

So its two AM,
and two minutes ago I was in my bed, starring at the ceiling.
Gosh, what an idiot, I was saying to myself.
Did I really let myself believe THAT could happen?
Don’t worry. I am already over the crying, depressed phase.
I guess this is just a moment of light...
in times of darkness.
Did really had to pick two am to think clearly?
I must be crazy..

I am writing this to let you know what I feel.
When you receive this tomorrow, someway or another,
I want to let you know that these past few months i have been feeling butterflies in my stomach whenever I see you.
I see “the way your eyes light up when you smile”
Its crazy.

But two days ago, my world crashed.
It was like a dose of reality for an everyday dreamer.
Why did it crash?
because of HER.
I don’t hate her in any way, do not get me wrong.
It’s not her fault that she is in love with you...
And you are in love with her.
I guess I just envy that she gets to open your book
When i’ve been in line in, for so much time.

She is a great girl, I must say.
And I am not going to insist on how I am much better for you.
Hey, if it happens,
It’s meant to be
... right?

I hope you feel with her, what I feel when I am with you.
As much it hurts to say:
Hug her. whisper to her. Be sweet. Give her roses.
Don’t take her for granted.
Kiss her.
Love her.
Enjoy everything you do with her.

Well, now it is five AM.
I can not believe I stayed up all night writing this...
This, “stupid love letter”, like a song says.
Actually scratch that.
(stupid, i mean)
Leave it just like it truly is:
A love letter.

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