My Space In History

July 12, 2010
I sit here
In my own space
In time.

My life
So short on
The time-line of all existence.

I may not
Be remembered
Later in history.

After I die
New beginnings begin
New lives and new memories.

My life
Only affects those who I meet
On my journey.

Who knows
Who I will meet
Whose paths I will cross.

The only way
For one to be happy
Is to live in the moment.

Be happy I am
Wherever I am
And wherever I will go.

Don’t dwell on the past
Or think about the future
And try to control fate.

Fate will bring us
Exactly where we need to be
And need to go.

Just accept the unknown
Needs to stay unknown
Until fate decides it time.

Just accept that fate
Knows us better
Than we know ourselves.

Knows where we will go in life
Our tragedies and our victories
And all we need to do,

Is just be.

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