I Wish

July 12, 2010
I wish people saw who I am
I hide my gifts like a clam
Deep within myself
Hidden like a lost toy on a shelf

I wish students would see who I was
Not who I am in poverties jaws
Talented, loved, amazed, smart
I feel all of this in my heart

I wish people would see my talent
I really do have great gallant
In the stories I speak
I would amaze people for a week

I wish business people would look
At the risks I took
At where I wasn’t successful
At were my life is stressful

I wish you would listen to my song
To feel how I belong
With a guitar on my knees
And with music to seize

I wish I could be better
Not chained up in my loser fetter
I was human once, I just got lost
And now I pay the cost

Every night
On the street

In the cold


I am Americas invisible
I feel like my heart is divisible
People never even throw me a glance
I wish they would give me a chance

San Diego’s Homeless

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