Love Rejection<3

July 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Is this the feeling of rejection? No Repsonse, no objection, just neglection, so sit back here's your

chance for reflection,

It all started out with fun & games, but somewhere along came hurt & pain, feelings rearranged, & no

love retained,

What was once laughs & enjoyment, is now nothin but bickering & disappointment,

Causing nothing but heartaches up to the time of your deviation, inducing a crucial alteration to my life

with no consideration of the ramification of this adaptation,

Are you insinuating there was no eluding this conclusion that commanded my blood to stop moving,

&& my mind to stop contemplating the situation as you were abbreviating like it wasnt a big deal, but to

me it was real, had to dig deep just to tell you how i feel,

So lemme get hold of your eyes, so you can visualize the inside of my heart to make you realize that

your love gave me a real high, && you cant just take it away & expect me to be alive,

Oh, so now you're speechless, clueless, dont know what to do with this, knowledge, feel like i've taken

you to college, you know what just drop it.!,

Bc you clearly cant comprehend the state you put me in, sorry didnt mean to offend, but i can no longer


that I'm okay bc there's no way my heart can obey the happiness i may portray by the smile on my face,

Bc I'm sighing from being tired of lying to cover up my crying but no more trying,

That's it, Im Dying<3

The author's comments:
This was inspired by people who are continuely hurt by those they care for because the people they care for are so used to being hurt that they cant differentiate between those who care and dont.

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