April 4th, 1968

July 10, 2010
By pmg17 BRONZE, Woburn, Massachusetts
pmg17 BRONZE, Woburn, Massachusetts
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We all cried that day.
All of us.
Not just those who marched with you,
are those who were on the long, hard trail
with you.
All of us.
The children, the teens, the adults, the seniors,
we all felt it when your body hit the floor.
In all of ous something was felt, like a
Your body hit the floor with a bullet in the head.
The future just took a headshot.
In Nashville, Tennessee we saw the hope
of a people fall on a balcony at the Lorraine Motel.
And as we cried, you told us to dry our tears.
You of all people knew that God had a bigger plan,
and for that reason you did not fear death.
You walked front and center, with you head held hi,
with the pride of you African forefathers as
you backbone,
and you taught as how to be black.
You taught to be the strong man,
not to fight back,
you taught us that we could be anything
and we could be anyone.
And as you dried our tears you reminded us
of that.
Because you see Dr. King, I am a just a representative,
a recorder of what you did. I was not even there no was
I alive when you died.
I am just using my gift to tell your story,
my gift from God,
Because you see Dr. King, you inspire me
to tell may companions of today what you taught us.
Thanks for giving me the story to tell,
and I will continue to tell the story of our people,
because you gave me a shot to do that.
And I realize now that I must take my gift and pass it on,
just as you did with yours.
We will always miss you,
and we will always hold you in memoriam,
on April 4, 1968.

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