Waning Moon

July 10, 2010
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Introduce yourself for I am the dark side of the waning moon
Always wishing for the sun to be arriving soon
I’ve grown ill from the shadows that blanket my temptation
Making certain that I obtain no positive cosmic fascination
I’ve dreamt of a time where I controlled the tides
A duty that is reserved for the luminous lighter side
Silently I am neglected, as the lighter side is all you see
I am in constant thought as to whether anyone considers me
I may not serve your purpose, but I am still present
Yet my blackness entirely eliminates my presence
I quietly watch as your waters progress and regress
In complete envy at the power that my other half can possess
However me and my partner are in some aspects equal
Never able to eclipse the energy the sun provides your people
We have only been able to block her a few limited times
Momentarily keeping the Earth from seeing her shine
We wish to harm her and control her position
But we see the effects this will have on the human condition
Occasionally the lighter side and I are able to discuss
But normally he’s busy and I’m wishing to combust

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