July 10, 2010
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Stripes of the morning tiger stalk the night into submission,
the streetlamps flicker and spark without granted permission.

Old saliva emits from various random orifices,
unconsciousness campaigns with irritating petition.

The Earth calmly perspires and life begins again,
like the intermittent reminders of stale moldy friends.

Awkward silences are interrupted by crickets and birds,
similar to the stuttering man stumbling on his words.

Reflections emerge, seeping from one hazy gray headlight,
worms crawl caressing the five A.M. dew with delight.

Scenes connect to form a piercing vile delusion,
commanded to wake as actuality sets in.

Sitting startled and idle on the obscure thin mattress,
prepared once more for the monotonous twenty four hour process.

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