When The Carnival Ends

July 10, 2010
I love your cotton candy kisses that melt to sugar in my mouth

Hand in hand,
We stand in front of fun house mirrors laughing at our distorted reflections
All we see are strange emphasized flaws
They are more realistic than we know

Round and round goes the dizzying carousel, slowly spinning, slurring the colors and lights in fluorescent rainbow waves
How easy it is to get lost in its hypnotizing cycle

Funny man in a polka-dotted suit, with shoes much too large, hair much too red,
Offers me a yellow balloon
His painted smile looks sincere, his eyes caught forever in a laugh
We never suspect the sadness hidden behind the mask

Music of violin strings and trumpet blows reach my ears, tinkling, chiming, lively songs
Complimenting the laughs and joyous screams that resonate in the air
But still there plays a haunting tune contorted softly within our minds

The fact is human joys are vague and never seem to last
They are there in color, music, and beauty for a time, but soon they pass
Like the dizzying carousel, and clowns with dripping smiles, or mirrors that reveal twisted truths---they will all someday discontinue
And there is nothing we can do
Because the moment our lives are set in motion
They begin their descent into our fated immobility

But when the carnival ends
I will still love your cotton candy kisses that melt to sugar in my mouth

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