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July 10, 2010
By xXxWickedxDreamerxXx BRONZE, Some Where Special, Texas
xXxWickedxDreamerxXx BRONZE, Some Where Special, Texas
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you can't lose something that you never had

I'm from the Texas airport to Japan

I'm from the early morning smell of ramen,

to the screaming and shouting of street vendors.

I'm from the sound of the school bell as I enter the door,

and screaming and shouting as I leave.

I'm from the deep crunches of the snow to the refreshing summer days.

I'm from the beat of the drums to the sound of the band.

I'm from mom the prep-rocker to dad the nerd.

I'm from high expectations, medals, and trophies.

I'm from beauty pageants to gymnastics champ.

I'm from the big mac's not salads.

I'm from the root of the tree growing stronger

and stretching out my possibilities.

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