Never Letting You Go

July 9, 2010
By Tazmarie3991 PLATINUM, Branford, Florida
Tazmarie3991 PLATINUM, Branford, Florida
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Would you be there for me now

If I needed a friend

Who would love me

Without limitations?


You once told me

"You are my best friend"

Then you let me down.

You turned away from me and tried to act as if

There had never been anything

Between us.

I knew you loved me, though.

I knew you always had

And i knew you always would.

But how could love

Allow one to act like that?

To break another's heart.

Would you be there for me now

If I needed a shoulder to cry on?

Because Once you were

The one causing the tears

To flow from my eyes

And also from my heart

Little did I know

That I was doing

The same to you

You were the one.

The one I looked up to.

The one I loved more than

Life itself.

And then all of that

Crashed down upon me.

The way I had felt for you

Became a ton of bricks

Weighing on my heart.

I couldn't let you go

Though you tried to walk

Out of my life.

And deep down

I hoped that you

Couldn't have truly forgotten

Our bond.

Now I look back at those days.

The days of agony

The days I spent

Not wanting to do anything

But lay in my room and cry

And I think

"Why should I take you back?"

Why When you caused me so much

Pain and heartbreak

When all I had ever shown you

Was love

Now i understand

Why you tried

To walk out of my life.

I had hurt you in a way

I had never intended:

I loved another boy.

I never saw

That when you said

"I love you"

You meant

"I wish i could hold you in my arms and never let you go"

I never saw

The pain in your eyes

When you saw me

Walking hand in hand

With someone other than you

When all you had dreamt of

Was being the one

To walk with my hand in yours.

I crushed you

But never stopped loving you

You crushed me

But always In the back of your mind

Was the thought of me

And how you felt.

For over a year

We both were torn

Our hearts ripped to shreds

Whenever we were forced

To cross each others paths.

But when more pain hit me

And the boy I had loved

Crushed me

The way I had crushed you,

You were there.

Now I know.

You are my best friend

When I need someone

To love me without limits.

You are a shoulder to cry on

When I feel as if I can't hold the tears in

Any longer.

When life tore us apart

Love brought us back together.

And now

We are looking

Towards the future

Hand in hand.

You are holding me

And I am never letting you go.

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