I Saw Pictures

July 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I stayed up all night
Drawing you a picture of my mind.
I sat there long and hard,
On telling you the perfect lie.
But all that I could say
Was nothing but the truth.
I took pictures of my wonderland,
But they never made it
On film.
So I could only draw them,
But I couldn’t seem
To make the pencil move.
And its nonsense you say,
To believe in me.
When the picture’s done
You’ll see
Just how long it takes
To describe a lie,
With a picture of the truth.
And maybe then you’ll understand
How hard it is to move,
When you are high.
I cannot imagine what you will say
When you find
That I stayed up all night,
And gave you a picture
That you couldn’t see.

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