10 feet under

July 9, 2010
How long have I been in these storms, to long it’s been for
What’s getting harder is the feeling to try, with these waters crashing over my head
I come up for air but the waves push me down and tell me to not stick around
The longer I stay under, the more I question who I wanna be
If I could only see the light shining above me
Its rays could shine from the surface acting as the pathway to my soul
A way to make me feel whole
I will walk on water to know you will catch me if I fall
To look into your eyes and know everything will be alright
I know you didn’t leave me out here to drown on purpose, It wasn’t your plan
But somehow I ended up ten feet under and upside down
Barely surviving has become the norm when living under the surface
If I could just see you everything would be alright
This darkness would turn into light

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