Just One Wish

June 15, 2010
By toadismadawesome BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
toadismadawesome BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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I promise to you
In my very flesh and blood
I will make this all up to you
This is my one wish
I was unable to find my smile
So I suppose
Its worth all my life-force to help
You find your smile

In my time of darkness and pain
One person stood at the end of the tunnel
This figure broke the welcoming light of the tunnel
But the figure itself was all I needed
When I felt down
Bruised and battered
You were there
And even though I don’t really know you
Because we haven’t met
You helped me
You told me to smile and now
I ask for you to return the favor
Though my life is still in a state of disrepair
I can smile again because of you
And I swear on the ancient ruler
Genghis Khan
I will restore the smile
As you did for me
And I will make you happy

Consider it the good form of payback
Because I owe you much more
But based on my current condition
I can get you this much
And I can tell you this
You truly are larger then life
And each smile you tell me to smile
And each smile you smile keeps the world afloat…

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this after hearing about a friends problem. That friend had helped me to become happy after my problem, and now, I try to return the favor.

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