June 15, 2010
I’m walking, treading, pushing on.
My endurance supply dwindling to the last drop.
I don’t know where this path will lead,
Curving, snaking, each fork in the road bringing
another mystery,
and only a clue as to what direction I’m headed.
Slowly sauntering silently through the wet, stormy forest that we call
the only thing that will take you to the sunshine is
Hard work, motivation, inspiration,
and a strong faith in God that will bring all else to the ground.
I have miles to go,
hundreds of forks left,
One sign reading left, the other saying right
Puzzling problems and complex complications
that will bring me to my knees.
But life is to learn, to grow, to give
Not always turning out perfectly,
and until I emerge from the forest on the other side by
the gateway of Heaven,
I will keep working, smiling,
and hoping and praying that it’ll be enough.

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