Sad Love Story

June 15, 2010
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The cold air whips my neck
And blows my hair.
Where are you?
Who knows...
Probably at home, online
On your phone.
Texting someone else.
That someone else who has been
Trying to steal you this whole time
We've been together.
Oh, i'm just talking to her...
We're just friends.
Just friends you say?
Well I want to be more.
I love you, but can't say it.
I want to be with you,
But don't show it.
Where are you?
Who knows.
Who cares.
Not me.

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AlaskanGirl15 said...
Oct. 24, 2012 at 12:24 am
It makes perfect sense to me... It sounds like a non-fiction piece I wrote to vent and posted on here. I understand your confustion and I think you did a great job of venting it. 5/5  Can you check out some of my work pretty please! Thanks!
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