I Wish...

July 12, 2010
By Anonymous

I wish I had a pet armadillo

I wish there was a little birdy who told me things

I wish alligators didn't live under my bed

I wish that McDonald's was never created

I wish bubbles never popped

I wish my hair would change according to my mood

I wish sporadic leaping was socially acceptable

I wish scented markers weren't so addictive

I wish the Twilight Saga could go die

I wish i had telepathic abilities

I wish my nails could stay black

I wish I could live in the 20s

I wish I could sing

I wish music could radiate color

I wish I could change schools every other week

I wish music was always playing in the background

I wish people didn't edit their pictures so much...they look fake. Why can't they just accept how they look without editing their eyes and face?

I wish the stars were always visible through day and night

I wish I could skip all this wasting time and just go to college

I wish I could keep a collection of all of my tears

I wish people could just get me

I wish people would stop taking fifty katrillion pictures of themselves

I wish the world never had money in it

I wish people wouldn't brag about their "so cool" social status

I wish success wasn't defined by society

I wish people wouldn't run and hide from things they feel convicted or threatened by

I wish looks didn't matter

I wish that gossip was never invented

I wish people could define the term "friend" as something more than "addition to list of people cool enough to talk to"

I wish everyone could die in their sleep simply of old age

I wish the world was safe

I wish problems could dissolve in water

I wish people didn't think drugs are cool

I wish my Happy Place really existed

I wish the devil could just leave me alone

I wish I could be incapable of expressing anger

I wish Eve never ate the apple

I wish ideas like trust, respect, faith, and genuineness came naturally to humans

I wish people could understand the difference between 'love' and Love.

I wish I could hear God audibly

I wish wishes came true...

I wish I could quit wishing for something different and just realize that how things are is amazing enough

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