Changing Colors

July 12, 2010
I gaze up at that immense stretch of blue
The most beautiful thing in the world
See how it begins to lighten,
A new day unfurled

The orb of fire is rising
Dotting the blue with hues of gold
The neighborhood is waking
Who knows what today will hold

The bright orb is higher now
Blessing the world with her light rays
The wonderful blue above is so alluring
I could watch it for days and days

The blazing round is higher yet,
and I’m beginning to sweat
Ah, here, a cloud moves to shade me
I am in its debt

But more clouds are coming,
Stratus, nimbus, and cumulus all
They block out the rays of light
Bright spirits begin to fall

The grey canopy above
Leaves me feeling morose
The time passes by sluggishly
People are afraid of the threat the grays pose

Slowly, it darkens
The people are getting prepared
The shower comes, as was inevitable
Disappointed the hearts that hoped this day be spared

A few flashes of light
And deep growls of the storm
It’s over now,
The dark canopy is gray no more

Look towards the west,
The maiden is descending
Using her seven colored carpet
The day will soon be ending

Oranges and purples fill the vast space above
Reflecting their colors on the soft clouds,
The scene, so serene
Leaves the mind in peace, misfortunes all forgotten

The orbed lady is leaving
It saddens me to bid her farewell
But we will see her soon again
As time will certainly tell

Oh look!
There another maiden is striking a pose
Glowing silvery white,
She’s a true sight to behold

The purples above turn a shade darker
I’ll need light to see more clearly
But I can see the flecks of brightness above
Pin points of fire that touch the heart dearly

I trace shapes among these lights
A horse here, a dragon there!
The darker it gets, the brighter they glow
The intensity of these lights are almost too much to bear

Look one flies,
Streaking across the vast expanse
Leaving a trail of brightness behind
Such a happy sight, makes me want to dance

I gaze up at that immense stretch of black
The most beautiful thing in this kingdom
And see how it darkens yet,
The night has come, the night has come

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WhiteBear said...
Aug. 23, 2010 at 4:42 pm

wow, this poem is amazing! I love your use of words and rhyming! the descriptions are really god as well, I especially like the part: 'The blazing round is higher yet,
and I’m beginning to sweat
Ah, here, a cloud moves to shade me
I am in its debt' I love that last line.
I've written a poem slightly similar to this describing the colors of emotions. its really interesting to explore things like that. keep up writing poems!!:)


littlebrownpet replied...
Aug. 24, 2010 at 7:17 am

Thanks! :)

Frankly, I didn't like that line very much, I actually thought it doesn't go with the flow or whatever. But if someone likes it, I must've done something right. :)

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