Treble Rose,

July 12, 2010
By EmoMusicSoul BRONZE, Maricopa, Arizona
EmoMusicSoul BRONZE, Maricopa, Arizona
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It’s not your fault my dear sweet dog
That you had to go away.
Treble Rose, I’ve been in a fog
Since you could not stay.

Every day, I think of you
And wish that you were here.
Though the days have been few,
It feels like a year.

Though I did not see your face
On that fateful day
When you were taken to that place
I know it was full of dismay.

Treble Rose, I dream of you
And your uneven ears,
Then I see them taking you
And I wake up in tears.

Our family is broken,
Now that you are gone.
Though some is unspoken
The pain goes on and on.

Two days after you went away
Mom could not sleep
Filled with disarray
She only could weep.

Nearly every night since you’ve been gone
Emily has left to her boyfriend’s home
She misses you waking her up at dawn.
But, she leaves to forget how you’d roam.

I’m sure that you’ll find a new home
And a new family to love you.
We’ll still wish it was our own
And hope that you never forget our crew.

Treble, you’re with me in thoughts and in dreams,
It’s nothing compared to cuddling and play.
But everything is not as it seems,
Maybe I’ll see you again someday.

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