I'll never be enough to save you

July 11, 2010
By poetress GOLD, Bothell, Washington
poetress GOLD, Bothell, Washington
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Sometimes I wish I could go
Below the surface of
Bones and muscle and
Expose your heart
Maybe the constant beating could
Remind you that
You’re alive
Your eyes used to fill with light
When they saw me
Blue pools of ice warming
But then not even I
Was enough to sustain
The addiction
I remember how
I could see who you were
Below the layers of make up and
Fancy clothes
A lonely girl searching
Searching for anything
Searching always searching
But never seeing that
This world is a cruel one that
Cares not for its citizens and
The only way to survive is
To hold somebody’s hand
And be their guardian angel
I always felt like I was yours
I wanted to cut off my wings and
Glue the bloody feathers to your back but
I think that
Deep down, I knew
You would never fly.

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