Basketball Jones

July 11, 2010
Finally, finally, I can lose
Myself in the game.
Finally, finally I can be
Wild and untamed.
Like Chris Rock said;
An undeniable passion, a burnin desire.
Yes I am a victim of a Basketball Jones.
Ten seconds of the game left.
Nervous laughs anxious smiles.
Gotta get this shot.
Only chance we’ve got.
I go out on the court, calling out
The person I’m guarding.
I set up for defense.
The enemy throws a pass,
I anticipate it, and BAM!
I steal it from the other team.
And sprint down the court,
High adrenaline.
People shouting.
Jump stop.
Pump fake.
And one!
I set up for the free throw.
.3 seconds left.
Feet, knees, elbow, wrist.
Ball soars through air.
crowd holds breath.
Players ready to jump.
nothing but net.
crowd goes wild
Jump and scream.
Game over.
We win.
I think to myself.
I doesn’t matter about the
Number of games you win,
Or the number of shots your team makes.
Because in the end.
It all boils down to one thing.
You. Enough said.

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