Just Say that You Love Me!

July 9, 2010
By IfeGoOhMyGosh SILVER, Shaker Heights, Ohio
IfeGoOhMyGosh SILVER, Shaker Heights, Ohio
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You say He's telling you not to like me...
Then why is it he's telling me to love you...
Then why does my heart tell me to keep loving you too...
Then why does my love grow like the tree,
planted in the roots of his own salvation,
that liquid of life,
we call water...
To think... Your almost like a daughter...
I wanna protect you, and keep you from danger...
but like a wife, and a child...
Because one of those days,
One of those Strangers
might steal you away...
And then where would I be?
Besides trapped in misery, and grief...
to know that I let you go,
is as crazy as Vegas's new-fallen snow
You walk away,
I jump off that cliff...
You'll come and save me
heal me in a jiff
bring me back to life with your kiss of life
When I was but so close to ending this strife!
That pain that I'd feel
way deep in my heart...
The pain that I'd feel,
if you chose to depart
To say goodbye,
and crack my soul
would make me cry,
and leave me less than hole...

So say what I wanna hear?!?
You know it better than I!
Say that you my love, my dear
Love singularly I!
For it's destined that we're meant to be
We're here because it's destiny
no need to be melancholy
because it's just me and my baby

If you just say that you love me
we can stand still
Evaluate the options,
overall... remain chill
Whether or not we date,
is NOT my concern...
but whether or not, this is fate
makes this your turn...
You say he tells you one thing, and I say he tells me another....
We'll meet hathway, and the way to the Heavenly Miother.
You know you love me
I know it too...
So howabout we make this unanimous,
and say I LIKE YOU

The author's comments:
This is written for a girl who loved me... but claimed she didn't like me... :( But I am surviving!

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