you can call me now

July 8, 2010
im sitting here waiting.
just to let you know, you can call me now.
my phone is glinting in the sunlight, each ray catching the colorful case.
sun causes a glare on the screen.
you know, you can call me now.
i study my nails. maybe I should go repaint them. but what if i miss your call? painting my nails will have to wait for a time when i am not so busy
you can call me now.
i know we’ve been fighting
I still love you
maybe you don’t want to call because you’re afraid my mouth is still spewing poison.
it’s not.
the harsh, deadly words that I spat at you, have turned to soft delicate ones that will only make you stronger.
I know exactly how these words will taste
like candy
like cake
like eatable chewable edible happiness
“I love you”
its tastes so sweet
“I’m sorry”
even sweeter
just to let you know, you can call me now.
im sitting here waiting.

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