Something in the Darkness

July 8, 2010
There's something in the darkness
And it calls to me
Calls to mind a familiar scene
A voice belonging to a ghost
A voice, a memory of what I was
Who I was, who I am, and what we had
Who you were, who you are, and who I'll be

There are eyes in the darkness
Bestial, uncaged, unrelinquished
Vulnerable, cold, volatile, inviting
They call to me
As always
And I will answer
As always

Out of the darkness
Comes a creature, a monstrosity
A demon sent from beyond
To bring about the end of time
A harbinger of death
An emissary of Hell

I have no reflection
In the lake of fire
There is no one here but me
Myself and something from the darkness
Apocalypse personified
Cities set ablaze for mankind's shame

There's something in the darkness
But it's all in my mind
There's nothing in the darkness
Nothing but a voice
And it's mine

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