Love. Death. Betrayal

July 7, 2010
Feeling cheap, you head for the door
Forget the words I said
“We’re all gonna die someday, so
Let’s get out of our heads.”

Love was made, like some ships at bay
Never to see waves, we crashed.
When we saw the damage we had
Created, our love clashed.

Love was made, like some book or page
Just ripped out, but never read.
Our love was never meant to last
But you left me for dead.

These currents are still killing me
Nothing hurts more than pain
Of your winds tightly pulling me
Into your hurricane.

Hang on, when your hearts still beating
I won’t ever let go.
I need your love here with me. I
Won’t ever let you go.

I know I’m just being stubborn
You lack the things to which
I relate, but I see no harm
Of bleeding in a ditch

I’ll drown you out, like times before
You’ll never scream so loud
“I’ll love you forever, of course”
Isn’t that what you vowed?

Love was made, but we could not see
For every time we did, we could
Not believe the sights of our eyes
The fire we caused, and how it would

Burn. Burn the ashes of our hearts
We’re made for bad lovers
They let us die in peace, leaving
Our souls undiscovered.

Souls buried deep, drifting away
When he heard what she said
“We’re all gonna die someday, so
Let’s get out of our heads.”

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