July 7, 2010
By SlamminMan GOLD, Sandown, New Hampshire
SlamminMan GOLD, Sandown, New Hampshire
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Under the city lies a heart.
Made out of a million broken down expectations.
of crumbling old labyrinths,
that lead to a place where voices are heard.
And my sound waves aren't tapped.
or bound,
with straps of not yet relinquished dreams.
This is a place where the moon is my nightlight.
Leaving that city under each swing of my broken fists.

And my corseted wings
are tired of trying to fit the mold.

Reaching up to the sky,
leaving it to suffer here without me.
Please, god don't doubt me
cause I have a million people here ready to shout with me.
And yea I guess were OK,
to watch another break away his ankle chains.
Reach latitudes just beyond my horizon
as they fly, forward, faster and faster until they reach the throats of clouds.
And whisper secrets to the wind cause they think it ran out of stories
to howl at boats gliding on oceans of sea glass frontiers..
that preach to us the language of its broken outstretched arms,
because it to can't quite reach the sun...

The same sun they summon to morning.
Shining down on new places and spaces
these eyes have yet to see.

deserts with its life under ground,
Screaming silently
it never learned how to make a sound.
And my ears are drowning out any sign of struggle
But my eyes,
My eyes see hypocritical bounds.
Only to be broken when the cycle begins to relapse.
And I'll be there to collapse.
Below it all.
Like a breakin' down car I'll stall.

And slip through another old clock like a shadow,
Spirits of shadows and shadows of spirits,
Reaching up to us
though our wings beat faster then this two foot orbital velocity.
As the earth,
it pulls our chain as just to remind us we cant go any further than we already have.

It drags us below the surface
Under our hopes and dreams cast down,
by us in our haste.
As we waste once again what once was ours.
Only hours before.

Hours that seems like days,
And days that only make up miles of hope and simplicity.
Over our trails of cast-over broken smiles
That now creates a trial for our hope.
And stands before a jury to cope.
With minds kept from venturing off,
into a land where dreams roam free...

Like towns children we brake away the seam.
We break-out like untamed beasts.
Before this hell can wrap anymore flames around our ankles.
Please… we tease.
As we command our minds into new directions.

So don’t reprimand the dreams of the next generations.
And god,
never tell me the sky is the limit.
Because there are footprints, on the moon.

The author's comments:
My parents have treated me like a badly behaived teen and I guess that this is my way of telling them how i feel about it.

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