Uncovering Me

July 7, 2010
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I’m uncovering
Everything you made me cover
I’m taking the blanket
Off of the scary clown
I’m digging up
The mess you made me make
Doing what you told me to do
Was my biggest mistake
You told me it was a clown
Under that soft blanky that helped me sleep
But now I know
It is not a clown at all
It’s a pretty Teddy Bear
But now that I know this
You put a chain on the blanket
I can’t lift it up by myself
I need someone else’s help
Before what I’m about to uncover
Gets deeper under the surface
Before you tell me otherwise
Before you hypnotize me
Into believing you that I should bury it deeper
The thing that has to be uncovered
Is me
The real me
Because who I am right now
Is you
The same person who’s burying my soul deeper
I need to get rid of you,
You who is now me
I need to get rid of you
So that I can finally find

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