July 7, 2010
By this_is_myself PLATINUM, Ukiah, California
this_is_myself PLATINUM, Ukiah, California
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Favorite Quote:
The more you love your own decisions, the less you need other people to.

I dont know who said it, but I love it!

It’s so plain to see

That the whole world’s going crazy

Because like an old friend once told me

Being bad is easy money

But is doing bad things

Really worth what it brings

Are all your past offenses

Worth the real consequences

Do you ever spare a thought

For what would happen if you actually got caught

Because every bad thing leaves a trail

Could you handle going to jail

We can tell you’re a bada** by your ink

But could you deal with what people think

Because of course when you get caught

Your reputation will be shot

There are some things you can’t live down

You’ll never get another decent girl in this town

They all want the preppy jock type

At that’s just not what you’re like

And dads don’t want their babies with boys like you

And moms will tell their boys to stay away too

You’ll never be welcome at a family dinner

Every chick knows you’re definitely NOT a winner

Because in this tiny town

All kinds of stories get around

And is that what you want to be

The guy your friends aren’t allowed to see

Because parents don’t want their kids to be friends with you

Maybe you’ll corrupt their kids too

Do you really want to be that kid

People look down on for what you did
Adults think you’re a piece of trash

Because of what you used to do for extra cash

I can tell you’re sweet because of what you say

But is that enough to save the day

Is that enough to make up for

All the things you’ve done before

Every lie that you have told

Every single girl you left in the cold

Every crime you committed

I’ve heard you admit it

I’ve heard you say all the things you did

And I know that I’m just a kid

But I see something in you

That makes me want to think your words are true

Because underneath everything you’ve done wrong

I think I know where you belong

I think your heart is in the right place

It just has some empty space

I think you’re just missing something

To make life worth living

And to make you want to be good

The way you’ve always known you should

I know that you want to

But you don’t really know what to do

And if you need some help to stand

I promise I’ll be there to hold your hand

Even though I know how you are

I think you can be better by far

I think you could be such a special guy

I can tell when I look in your eyes

You want for something so insane

Something you may never obtain

You wish what the only thing people could see

Is the person you can be

Instead of the person you once were

You want that stage of your life to be over

But that’s the part people don’t comprehend

You want your old life just to end

You try so much harder than anyone else

To make people see you for yourself

And honestly I want everything in the world for you

I wish you could just start brand new

Because I know you have potential

To be a great example

For everyone trying to start over

And make their life better

You could show them all how it’s done

And how to actually be someone

That you would say you’re proud of

Someone that someone else would love

You’re amazed that I actually care

And that I believe you could actually go somewhere

I really do wish you the best

And hope you can live life to the fullest

Because I think you deserve to be happy

Even if you’ve acted a little stupidly

Even though you have screwed up a few times

Even though you’ve committed a few crimes

I still see a good side

The rest of your life is still open wide

As long as you make the right choices from now on

You can prove all those people wrong

Everyone who looked down you

You can show them all the truth

You can prove that you’re better

And you’re not who you once were

And I’ll be right there by your side

Assuring you that you have nothing to hide

Because I want to be your friend

And I will stick around until the very end

Because I actually care

And if you need me I’ll be there

The author's comments:
A couple of my friends inspired this poem. They're goin through a hard time and my heart goes out to them

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