We Would Be Lost Without Our Rope And Butterflies

July 7, 2010
By AValentine SILVER, Plano, Iowa
AValentine SILVER, Plano, Iowa
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You know that feeling you get
when you're around someone you love?
That feeling where it feels like
you can't breathe because your chest is heavy
and like there are butterflies, fluttering around inside of you?
Only certain things will make you feel this way, you know.
Like a beautiful place or your love when they smile at you.
It's like, whenever you see that person or place,
it lassos you with a strong, thick rope, right around your chest and pulls
knocking the wind out of you and keeping you breathless.
The stronger the pull, the more love you have and the more oxygen deprived you are.
It's like that rope that is around your chest is holding you down
so you don't hyperventilate and float away.
We rely on that rope to keep us grounded
otherwise, we would lose ourselves and faint everytime we saw our love.
The butterflies are just there to tell us that yes, we are still alive and no, we aren't sleeping.
We can't focus on anything but our love whenever we see or think about it,
that's when the rope and the butterflies come in to keep us grounded.
We would be lost without our rope and butterflies.

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