Broken Child

July 7, 2010
By JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
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"Tears you may cry....but you shall no drown, so dry off and laugh once more."

She'll let everyone think shes fine
She'll take one step at a time
Counting the clouds in the sky
She wont let no one see her cry
She saw the writting on the wall
She knew someday she'd fall
No one cared she didnt come home
No one saw she suffered alone
In the silence she spoke two words
Never knowing if anyone heard
Walking the hollowed path
Not a tear nor a single laugh
Tonight she walked but didnt return
A life put out now must burn
A name written on a rock
A soul and heart the world forgot
A girl who cried our names
And still no one came
Yet there she was on her knees
Begging someones hear her pleas
Yet before we heard it was too late
This scared girl sealed her own fate
Should you wonder what drove her to this
To loose her soul to the black abis
Should you wonder if this story is true
I would tell you this is a girl i knew
And at her end, when push came to shove
All she wanted was to be loved
So next time you think you might not
Just remember this girl we all forgot

The author's comments:
It was based around the people we forget.
In this world we live in we forget people are still living and some people are neglected so much that one day their not there and we neevr notice x
i hope people will realise their not the only people here and that there are less fortunet then them xxx

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