July 7, 2010
Unspoken words linger in my mind; linger in my room, forcing themselves through my lips, but only in a whisper.
They slip through my fingers, float around my body, massage my back and caress my tongue.
The sweet sensation of love and lust, and want and will.
The temptation of do or don’t that feels so good.
I’m walking on a tightrope of fingers crossed, above a million words. Things I said, things I didn’t say… Things I wish I didn’t say. And they’re all waiting for my eyes to close, for my thoughts to stop.
So they can take control.
God help me if I fall off this rope and into those words that will speak when I sleep, because I don’t know what I say when I can’t hear what I’m saying, so forgive my if I offend you.

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