July 7, 2010
By 4tun81 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
4tun81 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Memento Mori.

Flames flaring
World's burning
All around me pain
All surrounding
Land engulfing
Everyone's insane.

Run away
go astray
no on even cares
around me warming
heat is swarming
black is in the air.

Sirens blaring
fire flaring
buildings set ablaze
crumbling ashes
bloody gashes
the world set to raze.

Bridges fall
all in all
crashing through the waves
drenches fire
but then it tires
almost none to save.

Orange, red
flesh all bled
people fall to the ground.
The air is black
breath I lack
cries are the only sound.

All around me people I see
sit still and plainly stare
burns and scrapes
almost to late
no one even cares.

Flying embers
land is somber
The only sound is death
Sparks still flying
people dying
breathing final breaths.

Little warning
flames are swarming
circles all around me.
Set with flares
burning bare
red is all I see.

The world on fire
help is dire
everything slowly burns.
All destroying
not realizing
as the world turns.

Together we stand
until the end
as the world dies.
Those apart
do not go far
just burn with hate and lies.

Its not too late
escape the fate
that slowly burns the world.
To quench the flame
stop the blame
and find the final cure.

The author's comments:
I wrote it at camp while at campfire. I LOVE fire

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