urban genocide.

June 18, 2010
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In this tragedy who’s to blame when it’s a societies fault
That young men are dropping to the cold reality of blood stained asphalt.

Trapped within the confines of metaphysical ghetto gates
Chained to poverty and givin a life sentence of internal hate

The side effects of this war as the innocent are slaughtered
Sons without mothers, fathers without daughters

Yet simultaneously children picking up guns
While their fathers bury murdered sons

Across from churches preaching the atrocities of sin
Just as drive by bullets puncture undeserving skin

Attracted to the power of an unrestricted trigger
Blinded by negligence to see that sometimes life can be bigger
Just a juvenile in search of a father figure
How can he succeed when he’s only been beat
The only home he’s ever known situated between prison and the street
Valuing his integrity less then the shoes on his feet
Without a goal how can he ever comprehend to shoot for the stars?
When the only thing he’s ever known is the limitations of prison bars

In this urban genocide what is a person to do?
When they think their only choices are a red rag or blue

Without a mother to teach a daughter to respect herself, and that the worlds hers to obtain
She assumes prostitution and patches her void with cocaine

The root of its problem lies at the cities core
Corner blocks becoming an addict’s convient store
The cycle of crime is a revolving door
Letting the rich live free while the jailed stay poor

Born into this life, that some can forget
Nobody chooses to be societies reject
A problem that remains neglected
Unable to change what cannot be corrected
There isn’t a vaccine to cure this situation
So murder and addiction remain to infect this nation
A perpetual flaw prevails without liberation

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