Insane Thoughts

February 27, 2010
By Anonymous

For so many years she has wanted to change her ways/no body she thinks will ever undertsand her no matter how many the days/She walks with her head held up high/Knowing deep down all she wants to do is cry/Every night she wishes to get rid of the pain/she wonders if she cuts what would she gain/Lateone night she grabe the knife/and slowly starts cutting away her precious life/Drip by drip the blood hits the floor/people she thinks will bother her no more/She feels kind of dizzy as if she's high/but what would happen if she should die?!?!

The author's comments:
This poem used to be about me with how I felt when I used to cut... this also is for any girls who can relate and just need something to get them by without cutting themselves!

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