July 7, 2010
It burns where it touches
Disconnected from reality
the feeling cools over
Like a balm on my soul
I would do almost anything
To make this feeling last
Ephemeral bliss
Coils of smoke
Twisting upward
Only to be washed away
Lungs expanding
Inhale. Exhale
It blackens my insides
The foggy haze clouding my vision
Launches me into space
Where the sky opens op
And swallows me whole
The world is just a tiny gem
That could easily be crushed
In my grasp if I choose
Inhale. Exhale
Just give me a definition
As I float back down
From my high
Don’t try to elude me
with questions
That can never ease my doubt
Tell me why the rain falls
Why the sky turns dark at night
Tell me all the things
I want to hear

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