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Good Morning I Love You

I Remember that day.
the day I realized I loved him
laying there. me & him. inches apart.
his face so close I could count his eyelashes
I could feel his breath tickling the tip of my nose
His beautiful brown eyes hidden behind closed lids
I remember wishing he would open them & see me
but they didn't
as I watched him sleep a smile unwillingly crept to my lips
I watched as his hand slowly reached up to scratch his nose & landed right next to my face. a soft wind brushed a hair into my eye . I lifted my hand to move it but instead my hand landed on his. a sigh escaped from his lips but I didn't move
I did something that I know if he was awake I wouldn't have done.
staring at him I slowly maneuvered my fingers to wrap in his & as the last finger slipped into place , my heart swelled.
it jumped & moved inside my chest
& for a minute I thought the sound of its rhythmic beating in my chest might wake him but it didn't.
I looked at our hands together as one .
the morning sun glowed against our already sun kissed skin.
I wanted to let this moment last but I had to let go. I moved to remove my hand from his but something stopped me.
my heart & his breathing were the only sounds I heard. I realized that this feeling I had, this feeling of never wanting to let go was defined as something more...
I thought to myself, I love him...I couldn't believe it.
I thought for several minutes & Finally I said it to his sleeping corpse.
"I Love You."
it took another several minutes for my heart & mind to register the feeling.
then I realized I had to let go.
so again my journey of removing my hand began
& as I slowly tugged my hand away I realized my hand wasn't going anywhere. I looked to see my fingers still mixed w| his
my eyebrows wrinkled in confusion .
I felt a shiver ripple through my body as I realized his thumb was slowly tracing the contours of my hand.
over & over . back & forth. I was marveled by the feeling.
I slowly look up to his face to see those beautiful brown eyes looking right at me. my face reddened as he watched me
a smile spread on that heavenly face of his .
I didn't know what to say. stupid me.
"Good Morning" I whispered finally finding my voice.
his eyes sparkled as he opened his mouth & clear as day in his smooth baritone voice he whispered back
"I Love You Too "

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