Ash Tray Blues

July 6, 2010
By HarlemBlues GOLD, California, Maryland
HarlemBlues GOLD, California, Maryland
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Leave me when I need you the most
Say you’re tired, and you’re about to dose
Off you go
While I’m crying about my ex
Take what’s left of me
If there’s anything left

Emptiness is what I feel
Tears, what I cry
Sitting in a chair letting my life pass by
Thought I had moved on
But I’ve been hit by a bus
I think about what we are now
And what we was

I guess I’m not more important than your sleep
You close your eyes
And I begin to weep
Abandoned, stranded
Ignored alone
To sum it up:
On my own

Applause to you
Cause you would perform
While I’m outside
In the storm
Hearing the same song
Cause the lyrics understand
I wrote love on my knuckles
And the world on my hand
Should have wrote it on my back
Wondering what she had
And what I lack

But I can’t stop sobbing
Sitting in my chair, a lost little girl
Joining all the rest of the broken hearts
Around the world

The author's comments:
Its Kind Of All Over The Place . Its About My Ex & My Current Boyfriend . Its Goes Bck & Forth About The Both Of Them . Good Luck Figuring It Out : )

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