The Greatest Lie

July 6, 2010
By Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
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There's always one-
The one who defines you,
Moulds you. Their memory
Often brings undoubtful
Joy, sometimes it strikes anger,
Or the reminder of their influence
Feels like a bullet in the heart.
Why are some important enough to
Be held so high in a person's heart?
The promotion of change.

A change that makes some fly
And in others, flood them with
Misery, woe and fear.
One change, a simple
Alteration of one's course of living,
Can sweep one so far away
From reality. Forcing the questioning
Of what is real- is anything real?-
Or to promote extreme giddiness.
Whether postive or negative
Can not be avoided,
Consistancy is impossible.
I do not understand
How these alterations,
Ripping all that we know,
Are not feared or approached
With caution. But one must
Think- is there really such a thing
As change? Or are what is
Registered as changes just
Fogging pretense, masking guises
Merely covering what we already
Know? I find that we are
All subjected to mind games
We inflict on ourselves.
There is no One.
Change is nothing but empty
Hopes and promises for a better
Tommorow or mental puzzles
Driving the weak mad.
We mould ourselves
We are what we are
Because we chose to be, no
Change can falter an
Entire life.

The author's comments:
I honestly do not like this at all, but if someone likes this or has any advice for how I can make this poem better, I'm all ears.

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