July 6, 2010
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Do letters have significance?
Does one weigh more and considered
More important than the rest?
Does each have an individual
Meaning? Can something so
Seemingly insignificant that
Everyone can print them, be
So terrifying? One is haunting
Me. It's everywhere I go.
Nearly everyone and thing
That comes to be important
In my life seems to have
This letter in their title.

Do each mean something?
One, light and wonderous and
Another mysterious, telling
Of the meaning of thoughts
While others shriek and
Scare like some horrible fiend.
I pray not. For the haunting letter,
As well as all the others,
May preview each person
Preventing one from showing
Their true colors as I learn to
Fear those possessing one letter
While easily favoriting
Others who contain more
Pleasant letters. But please
Rip this fear of that letter
From my heart. What could
Such a fear mean?

This fear could however be a
Blessing. The letter may be a note
Of forewarning, an oracle urging
For the exclusion of anyone
Or thing that begins with that
Threatening mark. But should
One judge another based on a
Letter that has been shown to
Belong to those mentally instable?
No. No, that's insanity. A letter
Is a mere mark that makes the
Script used to communicate.
But letters communicate.

Oh yes, they do. If each letter
Didn't tell its own story how
Can they be combined in a reliable
Fashion? Yes, I know. I know it's
A story. It's of of troubling enigma.
The mark is a blood red caution sign.
I wish I'd have the pleasure
Of seeing kinder, softer letters.
Perhaps then I wouldn't have
To live in fear of those with
That Letter.

Each has their own story.
One only knows it if they
Have lived to experience
And come accustomed to
Each of their meanings which
Change on a person's preseption.
I know my ghost, though I have
Yet to find my heart. I understand
The power of a letter, though I
Have underestimated it. Now, I
Live in fear. The Letter is
Everywhere. It is in this very word.

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