The Queen of Arrogance ( Physical)

July 6, 2010
By Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
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Praise Me:
The Queen of Arrogance.
Listen, as I overtly
Tell my tale of unimportance.
Look, do I not have
The softest skin,
The most sultry voice,
The smoothest hair,
The brightest eyes.
Am I not the fairest
One of all? Listen to
Me, don't I utter
The most pleasant and
Witty things. Watch as my
Hair shines in the sun and
Dances in the warm wind.
Admire my glittering eyes,
Lined with thick, long lashes.
Observe how they allow me
To attain whatever I wish,
Be it material or physical.
Watch me walk, perfectly poised.

I see you and laugh, how can you
Be of the same species?
Look at you!
Unfit to wear those rags
Let alone clothes. Your
Eyes do not glitter as mine.
Your skin clings to your frame
In shame. The straw growing
From your skull amuses me.
As much as I dispise you and
You,me- I need you. I feed off of
Your insecurity and horrible taste
And you allow me to say and do as I wish.
You've created me. But how can I not
Be as I am? Look at me and then
Take a look at yourself.
You, along with the rest, are not
Fit for my presense, let alone
My companionship.

Praise Me:
The Queen of Arrogance,
The title has gotten me
Nowhere. My ways has gotten
Me even less. I have nothing.
When It was all gone,
I was left with nothing. But
Please, please don't go!
Praise me; I am a Queen
Treat me as such.

Those unworthy of entering
My kingdom now rule it.
Praise me: The Queen of Arrogance.
Look at my hair
Turning as the wind wills it.
Listen to my sweet voice.
Look into my large, sultry eyes.
Watch my walk,
Slumped and staggering.

The author's comments:
Purely fiction. I was a bit annoyed when I wrote this so this is about the kind of females I am not particularly fond of.

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