The Queen of Arrogance ( Intellect)

July 6, 2010
By Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
Z.PVarley GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
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Praise Me:
The Queen of Arrogance.
If you were idiotic
Enough not to notice,
View my superiority.
Knowledge is the greatest
Power and I have it.
I will go far. I don't
Have the time nor the
Patience for their idiocy.
There's too much to read,too
Much to study, too much clubs
And organizations to lead. So
Much to do with so little time,

I live for the competition.
Is that not what life is? A
series of trials, making up a
Larger competition. I strive
To win this competition as I've
Won all the rest.
I cannot associate with
Most of the world; stupidity
Is contagious. Leave me be!
Allow me to study in peace.

I laugh as I see the
Others around me. None
Have the opportunities I do,
And I let them know.
Fewer have the focus that I
Possess which allows me to gain
Such knowledge ans superiority-
I also let them know.
You should do what others have
Not and listen to me.
There's nothing that escapes
My mind. There's no time for
Intense friendships, intimate
Relationships, or leisure apart
From studying music theory and
Reading through volumes on the
Art of analyzing literature.
Life is too short. Life should
Be lived for knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
I have power.
Praise Me.

Praise Me:
Queen of Arrogance.
Knowledge is power. I have both.
My superiority is overwhelming; notice
My status and feel pity toward
Yours. Look at what I possess.
While you were playing, I was
Learning and look at what I
Have now. Look at where I am!
Notice was I, with all of my
Intelligence, neglected to learn.
Praise me; The Queen of Arrogance.
I have all material, none spiritual.
I never learned of passion
In my books. I succeeded, but
Did I win? Did my power really
Give me anything? Praise me,
And see what I've become.

The author's comments:
This is what happens when you get bored in American History class. This is loosely based on me. I don't think I'm arrogant, but the idea of school being your life and not having time for much else so that you can get ahead and make your family proud, is all from me and my feelings.

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